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Amazon Rule Based Bidding

Amazon Rule Based Bidding (RBB) allows you to automate keyword & product targeting bidding with one click.

You set the target Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) you would like to achieve & Amazon’s algorithms do the rest to adjust your bids to maximize sales at your target ROAS.

RBB greatly reduces the time spent optimizing keyword & targeting bids, letting you get on with managing your business.

To be eligible for RBB, campaigns must:
Have been running for at least 30 days
Have had at least 30 conversions in the last 30 days
Meet the minimum budget requirements (around $10 / day)

Our App

Improve Your Amazon PPC Results with myWebhero Amazon RBB
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The tool lets you:
See eligible campaigns
Set enable RBB for a campaign
Set & adjust target ROAS
Disable RBB on a campaign

Amazon Rule Based auto bidding is only available through 3rd party apps like ours. You cannot enable this within Amazon PPC console, so talk to us today to get started.

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