eCommerce Client

Languages / Campaigns Supported: Shopping, Search, Display, Remarketing, DSA

myWebhero increased a new clients revenue by £60,000 whilst reducing their spend by over £3,000! The online retailer increased ROAS from 325% wo a whopping 1,360%


Whilst the original campaigns had had some success, we felt they were not highly targeted to produce the required ROAS.

We built 20+ campaigns from the top performing search terms & created an Alpha / Beta structure with scripts to ensure the right keyword served at the right time & ROAS was attributed correctly.

A Dynamic Search Ad (DSA) campaign mopped up long tail search terms not covered by our search campaigns. These were segmented by product type & brand to ensure a relevant ad was served.

Finally, we introduced shopping campaigns in a High / Low structure to focus budget on known converting search terms.

What We Did

We helped Cardtronics quickly find new customers in Germany with a Google Ad campaign and landing pages.

  • Researched converting search terms & new keywords
  • Smart Display campaign with dynamic remarketing ads (pay per conversion)
  • Shopping campaigns
  • Search campaigns
  • DSA campaign
  • High / Low shopping campaigns
  • Offline sales reporting