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Let us take the hassle and frustration out of setting up an AdWords campaign. We’ll set up a professional campaign that attracts new customers at the best possible Cost Per Click – we’ll even add a voucher worth £120 in Ad Spend!
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Stop Wasting Money On Your AdWords Campaigns

myWebhero plugs the holes in your AdWords campaign, making sure more of your budget goes on driving relevant clicks

Adwords Campaign Set Up

Chose an AdWords professional to set up your campaign to avoid costly mistakes and generate more business. Our campaigns are design to optimise your budget so less is wasted on irellevent clicks and more is target towards audiences who are actually interested in purchasing your product or service. Default Settings – default settings removed for efficient budget management Campaign Structure – logical structure to improve Quality Score & reduce costs Keywords – we find the best keywords for your business based on volume, cost & competition Bidding – we set the bidding strategy in your favour by using manual or enhance cpc models Match Types – we use the most relevent match type for your keywords (never using broad match!) Negative keywords – we research 1,000’s of negative keywords to make sure your budget is spent only on relevent keywords Ad Extensions – increase click through rates & QS with all applicable extensions to your ads Bid Modifiers – we target the correct audience by adjusting bids on age, location gender, device and time Ads – we write our ads to stand out from the rest to gain as many clicks as possible Voucher Terms & Conditions