Website Development Terms & Conditions

myWebhero is committed to openness & transparency in its dealings with its customers. We have written these Terms & Conditions with this value in mind. If you have any questions or concerns, please email & we will respond as soon as possible.
These are myWebhero’s Terms & Conditions relating to website development projects. This Agreement shall in all respects be governed by English law and the parties hereto submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts

1. Billing & Payments

Our payment terms for website development projects are:
a. 50% of agreed project total on commencement of the project.
b. 50% of agreed project total prior to delivery of the final website files
Once work has started on the project, payments are non-refundable.
Payment terms are: On Receipt.
Your invoice will show available payment options including; Direct Debit, Credit / Debit Card & Bank Transfer. myWebhero reserve the right to cancel the web project. If we do this, we will refund the initial payment minus any costs incurred by us during the design & development phases of the work.

2. Scope of Work

We will agree the scope of the project prior to commencement of the project in agreement with the client’s needs & wishes. This scope will be detailed on the quote sent to and agreed with the client.
Changes to the scope during the development phase can be made but maybe chargeable. Any additional costs will be agreed with the client prior to development and invoiced as per the terms set out in section 1 of this agreement

3. Phases of Work


During the design phase, we will provide representative images of how the website / page will look. This is your opportunity to liaise with us to develop the design to fit with your requirements & tastes.
There is no limit to the revisions you can make to these designs.
Once designs have been agreed, any further requested design changes may be chargeable. Any additional costs will be agreed with the client prior to redesign and invoiced as per the terms set out in section 1 of this agreement.


Once designs have been agreed, we will develop the website / project. We will provide access to the development site so that the client can test & access functionality as set out in the scope of work.
Additional functionality outside of the scope may be requested but may be chargeable. Any additional costs will be agreed with the client prior to redevelopment and invoiced as per the terms set out in section 1 of this agreement.


Website files will be delivered to the client once the project has been agreed complete by the client & myWebhero and the final payment has been received. myWebhero may help install these files on a web-server if an appropriate service is owned by the client.

Copyright & Ownership

On delivery of the website / web project, full ownership shall transfer to the client.
myWebhero will retain no interest in the design, content or functioning of the website.
We will design, develop, and deliver a custom website based on the Client’s specifications and requirements. The Client acknowledges that any content, including but not limited to images, fonts, logos, and multimedia elements, are legally obtained and properly licensed.
The Client shall be solely responsible for obtaining all necessary licenses, permissions, and rights for any content. The Client represents and warrants that they have the right to use, reproduce, and distribute the content and that such use will not infringe upon any third-party rights, including but not limited to copyrights, trademarks, or intellectual property rights.
The Client agrees to indemnify and hold myWebhero harmless against any claims, demands, or actions arising out of the Client’s failure to obtain proper licenses or permissions for the content.

Snagging & Ongoing Maintenance

myWebhero will attempt to put right any issues found within 60 days of website / project delivery where notified by the client.
Rectification of any issues developed after 60 days may be chargeable due to the changing nature of internet & browser technologies.
  Like any other technology, websites / web projects will require ongoing maintenance & updates to keep up with developments in internet & browser technology. It is the client’s responsibility to update & maintain the website / web project. Additional maintenance services can be provided by myWebhero, please seek a quote for the latest prices.


It is the client’s responsibility to purchase, register & maintain their domain name. myWebhero will never own a client’s domain name & we strongly advise that clients create their own account with a domain registrar so that they have full ownership & control over their domain name.