Selling on Google – Product Listing Ads

If you’ve got a product to sell, you should consider listing your product with Google. In this blog we’ll take a look at what they are, how to get started & give you some top tips.

What are Google Shopping Ads?

You must have seen shopping ads right? They are the images of product that appear when you make a search. No? Well, let me show you.     shopping ads mywebhero     Thought this was Google being useful? Wrong, these are all paid for ads. Here you can see ads for my pond supplies store Aqua-Aquatics for the search term Cloverleaf UVs.  

Why use Shopping Ads?

Shopping ads work similarly to normal Pay Per Click Ads. You list your product, it shows in a search result and you only pay when somebody clicks through to your website.

But what makes them so special?

Well, if you have a product to sell, you can display an image of it AND the price to somebody who is searching for it at that precise moment. This is extremely powerful as anybody clicking on the ad has high intent – they really are looking to make a purchase.

Here are some other benefits of Shopping Ads.

  • Low cost per click – typically less than 50p.
  • High conversion rate – as the person clicking has the intention to make a purchase.
  • Highly visible – they appear at the top of the screen before all other ads and search results.
  • Extremely effective when linked with remarketing campaigns.
  • Great returns on investment.
  • Easy to set up

How do I set up Shopping Ads?

Ok, so when I said easy to set up, I mean, it’s easy to set up if you know what you are doing. Here’s the basic process you need to follow to set up a shopping ad, but if this is too complicated, seek the help of a ppc agency. set up shopping ads on google

Shopping Ads Tips

Here are some top tips to help you optimise your Shopping Ad Campaign
  1. Use high quality images – people buy with their eyes!
  2. Link the ad to an optimised landing page for that product.
  3. Make use of the product_type field – this will help differentiate products when the campaign is live
  4. Set up a remarketing campaign – make every click count by advertising to people who viewed but didn’t buy
  5. Add negative keywords – stop your ad from showing in irrelevant searches by blocking search terms that are not relevant to your product
  I’ve had some great success with Google Shopping Ads, and this is a product Google are looking to develop over the coming year by adding a Buy It Now button, so if you are a retailer, it is worth getting ahead of the game now. Good luck with your campaign – and if you need any advice, leave a comment below!