Re-engage users with remarketing

Remarketing is an excellent way to re-engage users who have visited your website.

How Remarketing Works.

Remarketing is a simple(ish) concept that allows you to readvertise to people who have alread interacted with your website. A cookie is put down on the visitors computer – the visitor is then shown your advert the next time they make a relevant search or visit a website that can show Google display adverts. NB: Remarketing can also be applied to search and email lists also. The true power of remarketing allows you to remind visitors of your product / service as they browse the net or search for a related product. This multi-touch process has been demonstrated to be more effective in increasing conversion rates than either search advertising or display, alone. Remarketing Explained  

Remarketing: An example

Imagine you sell shoes. A visitor comes to your online shop an views a pair of size 9 Nike trainers. The visitor leaves without purchasing – perhaps to checkout some alternatives. As they then browse the web they are shown your advert, specifically the one for size 9 Nikes. The visitor becomes familiar with your shop, is reminded about the product they viewed and returns to complete the purchase. Now they have completed a purchase, you can remarket to them in other ways. You can show them related product ads, scotchguard, for example or gym kit they may be interested in. This is extremely useful, as having completed one purchase, they are much more likely to complete another.

How To Set Up Remarketing

Setting up remarketing is not particulary difficult – but understanding how best to use it can be. To set up, you just need to add the Google Adwords Remarketing Tag to your website – if you are using the Univeral Analytics tag already, then you can skip this step. Next you create an audience – say, people who visited but did not purchase. Then, create your ad to show to this audience. And that’s it!   Ok, it’s probably not that simple, so our advice is to let a professional do it. If you are interested in running a remarketing campaign, why not talk to us?