Measuring Your Online Business Goals

The first step in making your online marketing a success is defining and measuring your business objectives. Ecommerce websites have a very clear and measurable goal. Revenue. With other websites it’s not so clear cut. For instance, how do you measure the value of your website if you use it to generate leads, or footfall within a store? If you want to measure leads generated by your website you should be tracking the following in Google Analytics: Phonecalls – most leads will come via a telephone call, so how do you track this? You can easily track clicks on the your phone number. This will only tell you have the story though as you are not recording phonecalls that are made separate to your website e.g somebody looks at your website then manually dials your number. This can be tracked via a call-tracking provider, though prices for this start at £150 per month + calls. Google AdWords has a free solution, so you can at least see how many manually dialed calls you recieved from your ads. Contact Form Submissions – you can track the number of contact form submissions you receive. Emails – track clicks on your onsite email address. This will give you an indication of the number of people who send you an email from the website Brochure Downloads – if you have a brochure or other relevant document, you can track downloads from your website.