Google AdWords Text Message Extensions

text message extension  

Each generation likes to communicate differently. Baby-boomers love the phone, Gen X, like myself are compulsive emailers, but the younger Millenials have grown up with text & instant messaging and expect to be able to communicate using their preferred channel.

To make it easy for people to get in touch with your business, whatever their generational label, Google have introduced the “message extension”. This is simply a little button that appears on your ad that allows people to message you a question.

As you can see, it’s very similar to the “call extension” that proves popular with users looking for a quick answer and to skip the whole website navigational challenge. It essentially removes an obstacle to contact.


What’s so great about text message extensions?

  • Remove barriers and reduce steps to contact
  • Increase contacts from people who prefer to text rather than call
  • Increase contacts from younger audiences
  • Get contacts from audiences looking for immediate solutions

What should you consider before introducing Text Message Extensions?


Do you have the resources to respond immediately?

Text messaging is very instantaneous. People will expect a prompt reply, so if you won’t be able to answer straight away, text messaging might not be for you.

Do I want to be interrupted by messaging at all hours?

This AdWords extension, does let you create a custom schedule, so you don’t have to be woken at 3am with that SMS bleeping, but what about during the working day? Will you be able to cope with the interruption and demands of the text message? While text messaging, on the surface, seems like a quick communication method, I’m sure you’ve have those ping-pong like messaging rallies that seem to go on forever and wonder why you didn’t just pick up the phone and call in the first place!

How do I get AdWords Text Message Extensions?

To enable Google AdWords text message extensions, you simply need to have a phone capable of sending / receiving text messages. Set up the extension in the usual way as you would for a call extension, but you get to choose the text for the extension e.g. “Send us a text”.

Naturally, the text extension will only show on devices capable of sending texts!

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