How Much Should I Pay For PPC Management?

As a DIY PPC’er or first timer it’s difficult to know how much to spend on PPC (Google Ads or Bing Ads). It probably an even harder decision to know how much to spend on a Pay Per Click company.

What you have to appreciate though is, a ppc agency are not a cost to your business if you are already doing AdWords, they’re going to save you money!

At myWebhero, we plug all the holes in your PPC campaign so that your budget is as effective as possible. Any good & reputable PPC company will do the same, but there are some questions you should ask of them.

  1. Are you a Google Partner?
  2. Do you have certified PPC professionals?
  3. Do you hold the Google specialisation for my campaign?
  4. What references can you provide?
  5. How do you focus on providing Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)


Get in touch with myWebhero to optimise your pay per click campaign. We don’t talk in jargon & provide clear transparent reporting so you know where every penny of your campaign is being spent, including your PPC management fees.

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10 Ways To Make Your AdWords Campaign More Effective

If you’ve set up your own AdWords campaign, you probably appreciate how complex a tool it really is. Here are our top tips for optimising your campaign.

  1. Campaign Type – set to “Search Only”
  2. AdGroups – use different AdGroups for each search phrase
  3. Bidding – set bidding to “Manual CPC” or “Enhanced”
  4. Match Types – use only “phrase” or “exact”
  5. Negative Keywords – add them, lots of them!
  6. Ad Extensions – make use of Snippets, Callouts, Site Links, Call & Message extensions, location and price extensions.
  7. Location – check your target location, it defaults to whole world!
  8. Bid Modifiers – change bids based on location, gender, age, mobile device etc.
  9. Ads – Include keywords in your ads and finish with a call to action
  10. Conversions – enable conversions tracking & import from Google Analytics

Need help? If you’re not sure how to get the best from your ad campaign and are becoming overwhelmed by it, fear not, we’re here to help. As a trusted Google Partner we’re experienced in helping people like you get their campaign performing at peak levels.

Get in touch if you need any advice or are looking for a professional company to help with your AdWords. Why not give us a shout, we don’t bite and you’ll find us fast & affordable!

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improve adwords campaign

Google AdWords Text Message Extensions

text message extension


Each generation likes to communicate differently. Baby-boomers love the phone, Gen X, like myself are compulsive emailers, but the younger Millenials have grown up with text & instant messaging and expect to be able to communicate using their preferred channel.

To make it easy for people to get in touch with your business, whatever their generational label, Google have introduced the “message extension”. This is simply a little button that appears on your ad that allows people to message you a question.

As you can see, it’s very similar to the “call extension” that proves popular with users looking for a quick answer and to skip the whole website navigational challenge. It essentially removes an obstacle to contact.


What’s so great about text message extensions?

  • Remove barriers and reduce steps to contact
  • Increase contacts from people who prefer to text rather than call
  • Increase contacts from younger audiences
  • Get contacts from audiences looking for immediate solutions

What should you consider before introducing Text Message Extensions?


Do you have the resources to respond immediately?

Text messaging is very instantaneous. People will expect a prompt reply, so if you won’t be able to answer straight away, text messaging might not be for you.

Do I want to be interrupted by messaging at all hours?

This AdWords extension, does let you create a custom schedule, so you don’t have to be woken at 3am with that SMS bleeping, but what about during the working day? Will you be able to cope with the interruption and demands of the text message? While text messaging, on the surface, seems like a quick communication method, I’m sure you’ve have those ping-pong like messaging rallies that seem to go on forever and wonder why you didn’t just pick up the phone and call in the first place!

How do I get AdWords Text Message Extensions?

To enable Google AdWords text message extensions, you simply need to have a phone capable of sending / receiving text messages. Set up the extension in the usual way as you would for a call extension, but you get to choose the text for the extension e.g. “Send us a text”.

Naturally, the text extension will only show on devices capable of sending texts!

If you want to know more about Advertising On Google, read more here. Or if you’d like help with your online advertising, why not get in touch?

AdWords – Stop Doing These 5 Things Wrong Today

Stop wasting your marketing budget on PPC today! Fix these 5 simple issues for a cost effective, hard-working, conversion driving AdWords campaign!

5 tips adwords


I’ve lost count of the people who’ve told me that “AdWords do not work“. Actually, I translate this as “I can’t make my AdWords work“. I offer to take a look at their account and pretty much always see the same basic mistakes. It’s not that these people are stupid, they are not, they run their own businesses – successfully.

But, and it’s a big BUT, they are not PPC professionals.

I mean, I could have a go at dentistry, but I suspect the results would be painful!

So why have go at running a pay per click campaign yourself?

Anyway, if you are determined to run an AdWords campaign yourself, here are 5 things you need to adjust today!

  1. Stop letting Google bid for you
  2. Start tracking conversions
  3. Create multiple AdGroups
  4. Add negative keywords – and plenty of them
  5. Stop using Broad Match


Stop Letting Google Bid For You

google adwords biddingSet your account to manual cpc – this allows you to adjust the bid on individual keywords. You can bid higher on low ranking or high converting keywords.

Start Tracking Conversions

How can you adjust your campaign if you do not know what works. Start tracking conversions so you can see what keywords, ads and landing pages are actually driving sales & leads. You can then eliminate under-performing keywords and boost the budget behind the ones that sell!

Create Multiple AdGroups

This is a really common problem with have-a-go PPC accounts. One AdGroup – One Ad – 100 Keywords.

Theme your keywords to your ads in “AdGroups”. This means that the ad directly relates to the search.

For example you may be selling shoes. Create AdGroups for:

  • Men’s Shoes
  • Sport Shoes
  • Leather Shoes
  • Children’s Shoes

And so on. Now write an ad for each AdGroup – hint – they will all be different from each other.

The power of this approach is two-fold.

First – the ad suddenly is a lot more relevant to the person searching. If you searched for “Kids Shoes” which headline would you most likely to click on:

We Sell All Types Of Shoes    or    Children’s Shoe Sale Today

Second, the higher the relevance the better the Quality Score – basically, the better the quality score the less you pay per click.


Add Negative Keywords

ppc negative keywordsAdd negative keywords to stop your ads from showing in costly and irrelevant searches. Use the negative keyword “jobs” to stop people from seeing your ad when they search “shoe shop jobs”. This tip can save you a LOT of money!


Stop Using Broad Match

Change your keyword match types away from Broad to Phrase or Exact, this will also help you stop appearing in irrelevant searches.


Implement these 5 tips to stop wasting money and improve the number of sales you get through your AdWords campaign.

Alternatively – give me a ring 😉

Bing Products Ads – Disappointing

Disappointed by Bing Product Ads

Bing Gets It Wrong…


disapointing bing product adsAfter some great success with Google Shopping Ads (formerly Product Listing Ads – PLAs) I thought I’d try out Bing Product ads which are currently in Beta.
Now normally, I’ve only got good things to say about Bing. Their ad cost is a fraction of Google & CTRs and CPAs are often far superior. But I’ve been left disappointed with their Product Ad offering.

Firstly, it’s incredibly laborious to set up – you can’t just import your Google Shopping campaign as you can with their Search ads. There were also some anomalies in accessing the merchant centre which meant I had to spend some time on the phone to support to work out how to access it all.

Anyway, after the 5 days it took to verify the merchant account and the 5 days to review the product feed I was eagerly anticipating some great results.

I let the ads run for a day – nothing!

I checked the ads and they were not being triggered. I wondered why not and performed a search.

I’m advertising a product called Blanket Answer – it removes blanket weed in ponds. The results can be seen in the screen grab below.

Bing product ads

google shopping ads

Enough said – time to get on the phone to Bing Ads support!

Selling on Google – Product Listing Ads

If you’ve got a product to sell, you should consider listing your product with Google. In this blog we’ll take a look at what they are, how to get started & give you some top tips.


What are Google Shopping Ads?

You must have seen shopping ads right? They are the images of product that appear when you make a search. No? Well, let me show you.

shopping ads mywebhero



Thought this was Google being useful? Wrong, these are all paid for ads. Here you can see ads for my pond supplies store Aqua-Aquatics for the search term Cloverleaf UVs.


Why use Shopping Ads?

Shopping ads work similarly to normal Pay Per Click Ads. You list your product, it shows in a search result and you only pay when somebody clicks through to your website.

But what makes them so special?

Well, if you have a product to sell, you can display an image of it AND the price to somebody who is searching for it at that precise moment. This is extremely powerful as anybody clicking on the ad has high intent – they really are looking to make a purchase.

Here are some other benefits of Shopping Ads.

  • Low cost per click – typically less than 50p.
  • High conversion rate – as the person clicking has the intention to make a purchase.
  • Highly visible – they appear at the top of the screen before all other ads and search results.
  • Extremely effective when linked with remarketing campaigns.
  • Great returns on investment.
  • Easy to set up



How do I set up Shopping Ads?

Ok, so when I said easy to set up, I mean, it’s easy to set up if you know what you are doing. Here’s the basic process you need to follow to set up a shopping ad, but if this is too complicated, seek the help of a ppc agency.

set up shopping ads on google

Shopping Ads Tips

Here are some top tips to help you optimise your Shopping Ad Campaign

  1. Use high quality images – people buy with their eyes!
  2. Link the ad to an optimised landing page for that product.
  3. Make use of the product_type field – this will help differentiate products when the campaign is live
  4. Set up a remarketing campaign – make every click count by advertising to people who viewed but didn’t buy
  5. Add negative keywords – stop your ad from showing in irrelevant searches by blocking search terms that are not relevant to your product


I’ve had some great success with Google Shopping Ads, and this is a product Google are looking to develop over the coming year by adding a Buy It Now button, so if you are a retailer, it is worth getting ahead of the game now.

Good luck with your campaign – and if you need any advice, leave a comment below!


Google AdWords Side Ads Disappeared

Anyone else noticed that the ads on the side of the AdWords search results page has disappeared?


You are probably unlikely to have noticed, as people don’t really pay that much attention to Google AdWord ads. In fact, 31% of Google users in a survey, claimed never to have seen an ad… ever!


For the online marketer & advertiser though, this is concerning, not just that people don’t view ads, but more importantly, that the opportunity to advertise on Google has just been reduced significantly.


Take a look at this search I made for “pay per click companies essex

pay per click company essex

See how the ad slots on the side have disappeared? Well there were 6 more slots there – now the opportunity to advertise in them has gone.


Loss of Advertising “real estate”?

Many may complain that there’s been a loss of search engine results page “real estate”, and that’s bad right? But it’s not all doom and gloom. In fact, if you look at the search result for pay per click company essex above, you will see that a fourth slot has been added at the top of the page.

This is great news! 78% of all adwords clicks originate from the “top of page” position. Hardly any clicks come from the side bar, so maybe this is a blessing in disguise.

And you can be sure that Google wouldn’t make this change if they thought they would lose clicks – as clicks mean revenue as surely as points mean… well you know the rest.

Also, if we scroll further down the search results page, we see there are now 3 ad slots at the bottom of the page. This new layout now resembles the Mobile search results page. So in fact the opportunity to show your ad on Google has only decreased by 2 slots, and those were hardly ever clicked on anyway.


I think this is a positive step from Google to re-energise PPC results, which we must not forget, is the core of their business. I wonder how Bing will respond…


Bing vs Google – Where to Advertise

When we talk about Pay Per Click, we immediately thing of Google AdWords; maybe it’s time to think a bit harder.

In almost all situations it is advisable to first exhaust your pay per click budget with Bing before Google.

Why? Here are two reasons to advertise with Bing…


bing 150Cost

Advertising with Bing Ads, in our experience, can be upto 50% cheaper than Google AdWords. This means (obviously) that you get more clicks for your budget. Bing tends to be less competitive as most of your rivals use Google AdWords. This gap in the market provides you the opportunity to realise great results at a fraction of the cost.


But it’s not all about clicks, what you really want are customers. Again, in our experience, Bing trumps Google on conversion rates. Bing users are a slightly different demographic to Google users. They tend to be older  & have more disposable income – this results in higher online sales by Bing users. So the smart advertiser should chose Bing over Google for this reason alone!

When to Advertise on Google

Ok, so Bing’s great, why bother with Google AdWords?

Well Bing has its limitations, and the major issue is one of volume, people simply do not use Bing in google 50great numbers. In fact, the Bing / Yahoo network has just 10% of the UK search engine market, with Google gobbling up a whopping 88%.

Because the number of Bing users is low, it is quite easy to buy the entire search market for your product, especially if you are targeting a small geo location or selling a niche product. So if you still have budget left at this point, it’s time to start your Google AdWords campaign.

There are, of course, other resaons why you should use Google, such as the numerous different advertising platforms they offer, ease of integration with other Google products, better support. However, our advice stands, use as much of your budget with Bing first. Exploit the lower competition & generate more business for a reduced spend.