Block Google Analytics Spam

Most people don’t realise that half their Google Analytics traffic is in fact spam! This phenomenon has increased over the past 12 months – spammers create false views of your website by utilising your unique UA code to send data to the Google Analytics data collectors. Good news! We’ll show you how to quickly and easily block this referral spam and remove it from your analytics data.

Types Of Referral Spam In Google Analytics

Check your analytics data for the following referrers – they’re all spam!
Expand to view list… непеѣеводимая.ѣф crm.vcw.local vatlas:8080


Create A Google Analytics Filtered View

The first thing you need to do in order to delete and block this spam from your Google analytics is to create a filtered view. Head to the Admin section of analytics and click on Views, then Create New View. Give the View a name e.g. “Filtered View”. We create this new view so we can add traffic filters to prevent the spam effecting our data whilst leaving at least one view “All Website Data” with all data. If we make a mistake, then that’s fine, we still have all our data preserved in that View.  

Filter Out Spam From Google Analytics

Next we want to actually filter out the spam. The first step is to add a filter that blocks any of the listed know spammers entering our Google Analytics data. referral spam filter Create a new filter, set the filter to EXCLUDE the CAMPAIGN SOURCE. Then add in the referrers you want to block. Tip, use the pipe symbol | to seperate the referrers or
click here for a ready made list that you can copy & paste|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||непеѣеводимая.ѣф|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||crm.vcw.local|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||vatlas:8080

Check this list carefull to make sure that none of these are genuine referrers to your website. But beware! Some look legit but as misleadingly spelled!


Blocking Spamming Website (Hosts) From Google Analytics

Blocking the referrers is the first step, but you will also see spoof page views in your web analytics and you’ll want to get rid of that too. To check if you are being affected, view the Hostnames that are sending data to your account. The quickest way to do this is download my custom report from the Google Analytics Solutions Gallery – which you can find here Run the report and see the websites that are sending data to your analytics. I found the following hostnames that I didn’t recognise & want to exclude.

(not set)

  To exlcude these spammer hostnames from your analytics, again head over to the admin section and create a new filter. Now you have two choices, you can either enter the list of spammers and EXCLUDE them. Or, you can add an INCLUDE filter that only includes data from your website. My preference is to use the include filter as this will require less maintenance over time as new spammers appear – they’ll be automatically blocked. Anyway, here’s how to do it.   hostname filter Create a filter and set to Include Only, then type in your website (leaving out any www. portion). And that’s it. Your analytics data in this new view will be spam free!   If you need any help with setting and configuring you account, we’re happy to provide advice, drop us a line with your question.