Bing vs Google – Where to Advertise

When we talk about Pay Per Click, we immediately thing of Google AdWords; maybe it’s time to think a bit harder. In almost all situations it is advisable to first exhaust your pay per click budget with Bing before Google. Why? Here are two reasons to advertise with Bing…  

bing 150Cost

Advertising with Bing Ads, in our experience, can be upto 50% cheaper than Google AdWords. This means (obviously) that you get more clicks for your budget. Bing tends to be less competitive as most of your rivals use Google AdWords. This gap in the market provides you the opportunity to realise great results at a fraction of the cost.


But it’s not all about clicks, what you really want are customers. Again, in our experience, Bing trumps Google on conversion rates. Bing users are a slightly different demographic to Google users. They tend to be older  & have more disposable income – this results in higher online sales by Bing users. So the smart advertiser should chose Bing over Google for this reason alone!

When to Advertise on Google

Ok, so Bing’s great, why bother with Google AdWords? Well Bing has its limitations, and the major issue is one of volume, people simply do not use Bing in google 50great numbers. In fact, the Bing / Yahoo network has just 10% of the UK search engine market, with Google gobbling up a whopping 88%. Because the number of Bing users is low, it is quite easy to buy the entire search market for your product, especially if you are targeting a small geo location or selling a niche product. So if you still have budget left at this point, it’s time to start your Google AdWords campaign. There are, of course, other resaons why you should use Google, such as the numerous different advertising platforms they offer, ease of integration with other Google products, better support. However, our advice stands, use as much of your budget with Bing first. Exploit the lower competition & generate more business for a reduced spend.