AdWords – Stop Doing These 5 Things Wrong Today

Stop wasting your marketing budget on PPC today! Fix these 5 simple issues for a cost effective, hard-working, conversion driving AdWords campaign!

5 tips adwords

  I’ve lost count of the people who’ve told me that “AdWords do not work“. Actually, I translate this as “I can’t make my AdWords work“. I offer to take a look at their account and pretty much always see the same basic mistakes. It’s not that these people are stupid, they are not, they run their own businesses – successfully. But, and it’s a big BUT, they are not PPC professionals. I mean, I could have a go at dentistry, but I suspect the results would be painful! So why have go at running a pay per click campaign yourself? Anyway, if you are determined to run an AdWords campaign yourself, here are 5 things you need to adjust today!
  1. Stop letting Google bid for you
  2. Start tracking conversions
  3. Create multiple AdGroups
  4. Add negative keywords – and plenty of them
  5. Stop using Broad Match

Stop Letting Google Bid For You

google adwords biddingSet your account to manual cpc – this allows you to adjust the bid on individual keywords. You can bid higher on low ranking or high converting keywords.

Start Tracking Conversions

How can you adjust your campaign if you do not know what works. Start tracking conversions so you can see what keywords, ads and landing pages are actually driving sales & leads. You can then eliminate under-performing keywords and boost the budget behind the ones that sell!

Create Multiple AdGroups

This is a really common problem with have-a-go PPC accounts. One AdGroup – One Ad – 100 Keywords. Theme your keywords to your ads in “AdGroups”. This means that the ad directly relates to the search. For example you may be selling shoes. Create AdGroups for:
  • Men’s Shoes
  • Sport Shoes
  • Leather Shoes
  • Children’s Shoes
And so on. Now write an ad for each AdGroup – hint – they will all be different from each other. The power of this approach is two-fold. First – the ad suddenly is a lot more relevant to the person searching. If you searched for “Kids Shoes” which headline would you most likely to click on:

We Sell All Types Of Shoes    or    Children’s Shoe Sale Today

Second, the higher the relevance the better the Quality Score – basically, the better the quality score the less you pay per click.  

Add Negative Keywords

ppc negative keywordsAdd negative keywords to stop your ads from showing in costly and irrelevant searches. Use the negative keyword “jobs” to stop people from seeing your ad when they search “shoe shop jobs”. This tip can save you a LOT of money!  

Stop Using Broad Match

Change your keyword match types away from Broad to Phrase or Exact, this will also help you stop appearing in irrelevant searches.   Implement these 5 tips to stop wasting money and improve the number of sales you get through your AdWords campaign. Alternatively – give me a ring 😉